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Who We Are

Cody Inc. is a subsidiary of LIG Japan. We are a technology service company from Japan that started on 2006 and established a branch office in Cebu on 2016. We started in the Philippines with less than ten engineers, and now we have managed to grow with 100+ talented individuals. Our growth has been evident through the connections we have with large brands in Japan. We entrust high-quality Web applications, mobile applications, and any other systems,
to our clients.

We embrace up to date and state-of-the-art technologies that will not only meet our clients’ expectations but produce quality output calibrated with the highest of standards. Our company has brought-in Japanese ideals that are executed by Philippine diligence and composed of a strong-willed workforce. We see to it that our company’s growth does not only focus on the depth of meeting the satisfaction of our clients but also improve the individuals within our organization.
We see ourselves for the next five years on top in the web development global standing. CODY produces the kind of work where life is fruitful, empowered, and enjoyable.

  • Consider Others

    At Cody, we value thinking and acting in the interest of others at all times.
    Being compassionate does not mean simply being nice. If it means them reaching a better outcome, sometimes it is important to be strict and point out what is lacking. We believe that our role is to create a variety of ideas and solve problems with this mindset of caring.

  • Build Team Together

    At Cody, we value working together with our customers as a “team” to maximize our capabilities.
    This is because while it is of course important for each individual to improve their knowledge and skills, performance and quality can be exponential when diverse individuals work as one team.
    For smooth communication within the team, we are intentional about being polite and open, considering one another’s perspective and we actively engage in discussions.

  • Beyond Expectations

    At Cody, we value exceeding our client’s expectations at every opportunity.
    Not stopping at doing what we are told, we pay attention to every millisecond and every micrometer, and we work diligently to create a customer experience that adequately meets their needs.
    Every one of us has the curiosity to incorporate new ideas and the ambition to make things even better than they were yesterday, in order for Cody to continue to grow further and further ahead with each step.

  • Establish A Structure

    At Cody, we value building structures for our workflows and having clear standards of quality.
    In doing so, we can freely spend more time on creative thinking and continue to create new ideas. As Digital Transformation professionals,
    we also strive to provide greater value and meet the needs of our customers by setting standards of quality.


Providing and Training Digital Transformation Professionals to Support Customers

We will demonstrate our strengths, Global Resources, Creativity and Consulting, team up with highly-skilled overseas IT engineers to improve quality in various projects, train and produce the next generation of creators through our unique curriculum, and also focus on training young IT personal within the company to solve problems.


Becoming the Foundation of the Digital Transformation

We are a cross-functionals, we each engage with our customers with passion, commitment, and compassion


  • Tomohiro Oyama

    President and CEO
  • Noriaki Iwata

  • Jule Eric Bernasor

    Operations Manager
  • Glessan Egloria

    Back Office Manager

Our Team

  • Regene Vilvestre

    Project Manager
  • John Fiel Enad

    Project Manager
  • Romar Socobos

    Project Manager
  • Rommel David

    Team Leader
  • Nomie Pasaol

    Team Leader
  • Genevieve Yburan

    Team Leader
  • Niño Gamboa

    Technical Director
  • Leonard Pasaol

    Technical Director
  • Angel Ace Viagedor

    Technical Director
  • Shawn Patrick Osorno

    Technical Director
  • Khevin Tulang

    Technical Director
  • Renante Entera

    Technical Director
  • Dann Paulo Gomez

    Technical Director
  • Christian Barral

    Technical Director
  • Dennis Abatayo

    Technical Director

We love to have fun.

We’re looking for individuals who share our ethos: Love, change, and hack.
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