Revolutionizes human resource management by streamlining administrative tasks, simplifying employee data management, and automating essential processes, empowering HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives that drive organizational growth and create a thriving work environment.

  • Back-end
  • Design system
  • Front-end
  • UX-design

Cody HRIS is a game-changer in human resource management, offering a centralized hub for all your HR needs. From streamlined employee onboarding and seamless payroll processing to advanced reporting and analytics, our platform empowers organizations to optimize their HR operations, drive efficiency, and make data-driven decisions that fuel growth and nurture a thriving workforce.


  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Production
  • Development



Meaning & Emotion

Boasts a clean and intuitive user interface, designed to simplify complex HR processes and enhance user experience. With its user-friendly navigation and visually appealing layout, managing employee information, tracking attendance, and generating insightful reports becomes effortless, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.

Creative Solution

Exudes a clean and user-friendly interface, designed to make HR tasks effortless and intuitive. With its minimalist design, organized layout, and easy navigation, the platform ensures a seamless user experience, allowing HR professionals to efficiently manage employee information, track attendance, and streamline workflows with clarity and ease. 

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