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iioffice Inc.

"iioffice" is a franchise co-working brand and has over 250 branches in Japan.
This application provides users with useful features like membership, check-in by QR code, a search of nearby branches, subscription plans with a credit card... etc. And a franchise owner can manage users, sales, and check-in logs on the dashboard.

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iioffice Inc.
iioffice Inc.
March 2017 - Present
  • Web App
  • PHP Laravel ,
  • jQuery ,
  • AWS ,
  • Strip ,
  • API ,
  • ...etc
Seito Project Manager
Zuya Technical Director
Zenta Technical Director
Kaz Technical Director
Miya Designer
Ivan Designer
Abby Designer
Albert Developer
Wally Developer
Jerven Developer
Jim Developer
Julie Developer
Mark Developer
Blezel QA
Cattrina QA
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